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Blue Baby Universe Necklace

Blue Baby Universe Necklace

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Blue Baby Universe from our Quantum Universe collection is a reminder of the loving energy that surrounds us, and is responsible for the serendipitous instances of life. The sapphire cradled between the silver granulates carries grounding and soothing properties. It nurtures the spirit and fosters inner peace, creating the perfect balance between passion and equanimity. Let each wear be a step towards serenity and renewal.


  • 14k Gold
  • Sterling Silver with an oxidized finish
  • Pendant dimensions: 1" (25mm) x 0.5" (16mm)
  • Gems: sapphire
  • Chain: 18" (46cm) with spring lobster clasp

Each piece is beautifully packaged and ready to be gifted—a delightful treat for yourself or someone special.

Handcrafted with love by Yassaman Farmani in Santa Monica, California

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