Our Commitment 
Recycled Metal, Responsible Sourcing

Our intention and goal is to work with materials and processes that leave the least impact and carbon footprint on our environment. 

All the metal used is SCS certified recycled and the packagings are eco-friendly with FSC® mark which, according to the supplier “guarantees that all materials come from an FSC® forest, where no more wood is cut down than the forest can reproduce”, ensuring more protection for the plants and animals. 

Natural Gems
We take great care to source our gems from ethical suppliers, meaning they are  transparent about the origins of the gems, where they are mined, and who cuts them, and make sure their gems leave the least environmental and social impact.

Carbon Negative Diamond
While we love working with natural stones, we also like to provide the option of lab-grown diamonds from a climate-tech start-up called Aether Diamonds. 

According to National Geographic’s magazine and the information provided by the company, they have invented a process where they are able to capture the carbon dioxide from air and use it to create lab-grown diamonds. They use clean energy for this process which means their diamonds actually leave a negative carbon footprint. For every carat of diamond they create they remove 20 metric tons of CO2 from the environment, which is more carbon dioxide than the average American produces in a year.

Lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds, however instead of forming naturally, they are formed through technology and in a lab.

We don't vouch for all lab-grown diamonds but the carbon-negative diamonds we us are a great option, specially giving you more shine and shimmer for the price.