Wearable art with a contemporary twist.
Bathed in love and poetry to nurture your soul.
Handmade by Yassie in California. 

Meet the artist

Hi!! I'm Yassie, founder and designer of YFarmani. My jewelry is inspired by my personal journey of finding self-love and spirituality and my cultural background as an Iranian-American. I stumbled on metalsmithing in college and instantly fell in love with this artform. I love playing with the materials and creating pieces that are meaningful and will make you feel at home within yourself. Many of my pieces are adorned by Persian calligraphy of mystic Rumi poetry written by my husband, Moshir Safavi. I hope to bring a bit of love and joy into your world through my pieces. Thank you for being here! ♡

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  • Materials

    Recycled Metal, Responsible Sourcing

    Our intention and goal is to work with materials and processes that leave the least impact and carbon footprint on our environment.
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  • Get to Know the Artist

    Yassaman Farmani is the founder and designer of YFarmani Jewelry. Yassaman's work is inspired by her personal journey of finding self-love and spirituality, her cultural background as an Iranian-American, and her exploration of the materials. Learn more...

  • Calligraphy and Poetry

    Ancient mystic Persian poems  by luminaries like Rumi, Hafiz, Khayam, and Sa'adi, transcend time and culture with their profound wisdom and timeless beauty. Learn more...

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